Super Clean Sound

Pre Production

“Preparing for the job is half the job”

The biggest mistake that most artists make is that they don’t bother to learn their own songs.

It seems gloriously stupid but it’s true.

We can spend days trying to perfect a song we like but when it comes down to something we have written, we assume it’s a given that we know it.

So, when it’s time to record, we can’t understand why we can’t play a simple beat when we can easily play more complex parts or we can’t sing a simple melody.

It’s because we haven’t done our homework.

It’s very difficult to accept the simple fact that a song created by us has a life of its own and should be treated with the same respect as any other song.

Also, when recording, we are only judged by what we play in the song. Nobody cares how technically proficient we are when we only have to play, let’s say, three chords.

And that’s why technically proficient guys don’t bother to study these chords with the right sound and attitude for the song and when the time comes to record, they watch their musical self esteem get flushed down the toilet.

So, in the pre production stage we make sure that everyone knows exactly what to play down to the last detail. And everyone is encouraged to practice his/her parts on his/her own with a metronome until he/she can play the song from start to finish effortlessly and with the right groove.

Also, in pre production we get to songs’ core and suggest changes or enhancements in its’ parts, the lyrics, the tempo and the key in order to suite the singers’ range. Many suggestions get turned down and others are adopted. The important thing for you to understand is that we are working to make the songs better and not to satisfy our or your ego.

Our commitment is with the music first.

So, pre production is the most creative part of the process.  It is also the part that we get to know each other really well and establish a bond of trust that will get you and us through the project with ease and (hopefully) fun. If you don’t already know, making a record and especially your first one, can be a very frustrating and difficult experience. Many bands break up at that point. 

So, before we hit REC, we make really sure everyone knows the songs well. How long does that take? However long is needed. Remember, music comes first.