Super Clean Sound


Welcome to our site.

We are a small music production company located in Thessaloniki , Greece.

Our musical journey together as friends and band mates spans over twenty years, gathering along the way invaluable experience from almost every aspect of the musical world: from songwriting, arranging and performing to recording, mixing and producing.

We are willing to share this experience with young artists and bands who want to evolve and realize their musical dreams but don’t exactly know how.

Since 2009 that we stand as a company we have produced five full albums:

ÉTÉ - Danse avec moi


THE SEVENTEASE - Wrong place,Wrong time (UNRELEASED)

THE U.N. BAND - Underdog Narrations

THE U.N BAND - Ulnar Nerve

COSMIC MAZE - Dodgy Paradise

We have also produced a lot of demos, and contributed to other projects as musicians and recording engineers.

We offer full project realisation, from rough idea to finished master. You will only have to deal with us. Check out our pre production, recording and mix/master pages for more detailed information of what we do.

This the concept behind our name:


Our sound is like the best imaginary gig you can perform during the time you will be working with us. 

After that we hope you’ll get better  :)

We believe that sound comes mostly from the player's heart and vision, so we try to stimulate better performances which we record as “cleanly” as possible, capturing every little sonic nuances with great mics and pre amps that result to a BIG sound.

Some producers have a trademark sound which you know you‘ll get if you work with them.

We try to leave our preferences and tastes out as much as possible so we can project a “cleaner” presentation of your sound.

There is “good” and “bad” sound but above all there is unique sound.

That is the basic concept of “super clean sound”: creating or just capturing your unique sound.

Check out these pages to find out how we do it:

Pre Production